Doctoral Program

Credits for graduation

The study period of the doctoral program ranges between two years and seven years. The minimum number of the credits required for graduation is 32, including 13 from required courses, 7 from elective courses (5 credits shall be from the courses offered by this Institute, and the other 2 credits selected from the courses equal to, or higher than, those of the doctoral level, or from the courses recognized by the school), and 12 credits for the doctoral dissertation.A Doctor of Medical Science(D.M.S.) degree will be offered to Division A student; A Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) degree will be offered to Division B student.

Regulations on Seminar

  • A student shall ask for leave in the seminar course no more than three times.
  • The first is the report on a selected article and the second on research progress. Please discuss the contents of the report with your adviser before making the report.
  • Submit the title of the report one week before the scheduled date of the reporta.
  • A written report of the seminar and submit it to the Institute Office after being signed by the adviser within one week after the end of the discussion course.

Form of Seminar report(docodt

The graduation standards of English proficiency in the Doctoral Program are as follows: (shall meet at least one standard)

  • Meeting the External English Appraisal Standard (The results of the appraisal taken within 2 years prior to the school enrollment are acceptable). (The supporting documents shall be submitted to the Institute Office)
  • Taking supplementary measures in the school, taking an network English course for 72 hours, and passing the test for each unit of the course.(taking classes at the Multi-media Classroom of the School's Language Education Center